Léopold Gasteen is joining Sector Asset Management as Investor Relations Director. He has 8 years’ experience within the asset management business. Fun fact: Léopold started his career as a trainee at Sector in 2012, after obtaining a degree in engineering at Edinburgh and European Studies at King’s College. During his undergraduate studies, Léopold founded a marketplace for startups to find university talent (Hireducated), worked at an interdealer brokerage in London (Mariana Capital) and interned at a boutique hedge fund in Geneva (RAM Capital). In 2013, Léopold founded his second venture, Edgefolio: A platform connecting investors and hedge fund managers through data and insights. After taking the company to the UK, Hong Kong and New York, Léopold moved back to Oslo in 2019 with his young family to focus on making early stage technology investments. He brings with him an entrepreneurial spirit, a data driven approach to problem solving and a wide reaching network of investors, allocators and entrepreneurs.