Why Sector?

We are investors, just like you

We share the same fundamental objective: preserving and growing the real value of our wealth. Hence, we face the same basic challenge, day in, day out. We feel like you, we think like you.

We are not an "asset gatherer" - producing attractive risk adjusted returns is our only route to success, indeed survival. If we don’t add value to you, we don’t perform for ourselves.

Crucially, our own capital is at stake, side-by-side with yours. Sector AM is predominantly owned by us, the professionals working here. It’s our business. Our investment partners invest a significant part of their own wealth in the funds they manage. Further alignment of interests is ensured through partner majority ownership in their firms.


Improving asset management. We build long term partnerships with experienced, autonomous investment teams who prosper with our backing. Our investment partners offer differentiated investment strategies with consistent processes generating sustainable alpha. Integrity tops the list of qualifications in all teams we partner with - partnering with individuals of high moral standards and “skin in the game” ensures alignment of interest. We only engage where we can make a difference. Sector AM is not a "me-too".

Responsible Investments

Sector Asset Management strongly believe that an economically efficient and sustainable global financial system is a necessity for long-term value creation. Read about our commitment to responsible investments here.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Why our approach

The foundation for our approach is a core belief that: we can’t control the investment outcome, but we can, and should, control the investment process; complexity must be met with simplicity; investment managers must be independent, focused and have true “skin in the game”.

We can’t control outcomes, but we can control processes

Investing, to us, is not trying to predict what is going to happen, an approach we believe is doomed to failure. Rather, we strive to understand the range of outcomes and build portfolios aimed at delivering convex payoffs for such scenarios.

Simplicity, patience, transparency

We are convinced that simplicity and patience are virtues needed to deal with the complexity of reality. Transparency allows our investors to understand the risks of their investments.

Business Model

We are a multi-boutique firm enabling fully autonomous investment partnerships to prosper. We identify, select and partner with people of high integrity, demonstrated track records and differentiated investment strategies we believe will generate superior performance and sustainable alpha: commercial fads play no role in our choices. Our investment partners focus solely on what they do best – investing capital - whilst we support them with best in class operational-, legal- and compliance infrastructure. Our investment partners are never constrained by a "house view", at Sector we encourage Independent Thinking.

Why active, why now?

The past 36 years have been unusually benign to financial markets, favouring passive indexing investing. Now, however, expected returns are at historical lows, driven by high valuations and low expected economic growth. Perhaps not an environment for passive investing? The time for truly active management is now.

Official websites

Please be advised that the only legitimate and official websites for the Sector Asset Management group and its affiliates are the following: www.sector.no, www.sectorgamma.no, www.sectorgamma.com and www.incentive.com

Our Investment Partners



Solely dedicated to the global healthcare sector, the team constructs market neutral long/short and long-only portfolios.

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Value oriented investment partnership managing a portfolio of long term equity investments in European mid-cap companies.

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A classic Ben Graham-style long/short value investor, focusing on neglected areas within the Japanese equity market.

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