Sector Asset Management is an independent asset...

Sector Asset Management is an independent asset management firm, founded in 1999 and based in Oslo, Norway. Sector Asset Management launched the first hedge fund managed out of Norway in January 2000.

Sector is dedicated to delivering outstanding risk-adjusted returns to its clients by attracting and retaining talented investment managers with sound investment strategies.

Through our range of products, investors can select fund offerings with variable alpha and beta sources, and with different risk profiles. The present offering covers long-only, long/short equity, market-neutral and commodity-trading strategies.

The Sector Asset Management Group is actively incubating new talented investment teams by providing capital, sales, operational support and a stimulating working environment. Investment teams are encouraged to establish separate asset management companies where they enjoy a high degree of autonomy and majority economic interest. Partnership between the Group and each investment manager provides the benefits of a robust, shared operating platform, allowing the investment manager to concentrate on investments within an attractive incentive structure, and offering our clients the reassurance of high-quality compliance and risk control.

All investment managers in the Sector Asset Management Group are under the supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, while the Irish fund structure is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland.