Sigma Fondsforvaltning AS

Sigma Fondsforvaltning AS is a regulated management company, authorised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway to provide the investment services of active management and investment advice.

Sigma Fondsforvaltning AS manages the long-short UCITS fund Sector Sigma Nordic Fund, which primarily invests in the Nordic equity market.

There are three employees in Sigma Fondsforvaltning AS with Jannik Arvesen as the company’s managing director.

Sigma Fondsforvaltning AS is owned by the companies/persons listed below:

Sector Asset Management AS 51.0%
Sigmafondene Holding AS 21.1%
TTC Invest AS 9.5%
Barrus Capital AS 5.1%
F. Reme AS 2.0%
Remco AS 1.8%
Remo AS 1.8%
Sacs AS 1.3%
Arvid Grundekjøn 1.2%
Astra Nova AS 1.2%
Pak Invest AS 1.2%
Rico Invest AS 1.1%
Other shareholders (less than 1%) 1.6%